Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekly Webcast Recap

Customer Intelligence Drives Strategy

December 9, 10:00am PST
Join OrangeBoy Principal Nickie Harber-Frankart and Sara Jones, Director of the Marin County Free Library (MCFL) in San Rafael, CA for a free webcast on how to use data to transform your library! They recently spoke about using data to drive decision making at the California Library Association Conference, and they are teaming up again to share the MCFL story with libraries across the country. Register

Metadata and Linked Data

American Library Association
Fee $250.00
January 4, 2016 (6 week course)
Understand what metadata is and how it is used to provide access to information. Learn the role of metadata in Semantic Web and Linked Library Data. Gain an understanding the principles of metadata quality and interoperability. Understand the key metadata schemes. Learn how to create descriptive metadata in major metadata schemes. Register

Item Report: Everyone’s Best Friend

December 1, 4:00pm EDT
Do you know everything you need to know about Horizon’s Item Report? Would you like to be recognized for broadening your Horizon knowledge? Join us for a free, 15-minute webinar with Horizon guide Ken Bonney and discover how you can become a Certified Horizon Explorer! Register

Archived Fan Fiction Webinar

Fan-created works are in general broadly available to people at the click of a link. Fan fiction hasn’t been the subject of any litigation, but it plays an increasing role in literacy as its creation and consumption has skyrocketed. Practice on the ground can matter as much as court cases and the explosion of noncommercial creativity is a big part of the fair use ecosystem. This presentation touched on many of the ways in which creativity has impacted recent judicial rulings on fair use, from Google books , to  putting a mayor’s face on a T-shirt, to copying a competitor’s ad for a competing ad. Legal scholar and counsel to the Organization for Transformative Works, Rebecca Tushnet enlightened us.  Register


December 7-13, 2015
Students can sign up for a free one hour tutorial on code during the week of December 7-13, 2015. This is a global movement to introduce students to code during computer science education week. Find information at: Teacher lesson plans are available here too!

Beyond Borders: Books That Will Change Your Life

December 3, 3:00pm Eastern
What do Jan-Philipp Sendker's The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, Kamel Daoud's The Mersault Investigation, Karl Ove Knausgaard's My Struggle, and Eka Kurniawan's Beauty is a Wound have in common? They're big new books that changed your life. To find out how these publishers will be shaking you up next , join us for a conversation with Other Press Publisher Judith Gurewich, Archipelago Publisher Jill Schoolman, and New Directions President Barbara Epler. Register

Measuring What Matters with Google Analytics

December 3, 11:00am Pacific
Learn how to use Google Analytics to understand what’s working well (and what isn’t) on your website. This special 90-minute session will cover what to measure and offer hands-on demonstrations for how to measure using Google Analytics. Register

Emotional Intelligence Essentials

Training Industry 
December 9, 3:00pm EST
Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business, but it’s often considered a difficult skill to understand and master. This essential skill underpins our capacity to engage people, manage stress, make good decisions and remain agile—abilities that help us succeed in leading and working in today’s fast-paced, uncertain world. Register

Using Social Media for Reader’s Advisory

December 3, 12:00pm Pacific
Are you always looking for ways to push good reading to patrons? Readers’ advisory is a growing field and technology and social media developments have spurred even more growth. In this webinar you will learn how to use various popular social media platforms to promote books and reading. 

Creating Connections in Digital Spaces: Teaching Information Literary Skills to Online Students

November 23, 2:30pm Central
How can you connect in a meaningful way with online students? How can you apply the new information literacy framework inside of Learning Management Systems? Presenters from Metropolitan State Unversity will share the ways that they've built information literacy concepts into online learning spaces for credit-bearing courses as well as within modular tutorials and activities that can be used as "virtual one-shot sessions." Presenters will showcase assignments that encourage students to think of themselves as creators of digital content, and will discuss ways that they have utilized a variety of online tools such as video, interactive discussion boards, and social media sites to engage with online students. Register

Creating a New Online Customer Experience for Public Libraries

December 9, 2:00pm EST
A discovery service helps public libraries better engage their online users and creates more awareness of all their services. At EBSCO, the evolution of our popular EBSCO Discovery Service is informed by extensive user experience research. In this webcast, Gar Sydnor will discuss how your public library experience can be better than browsing the open web and how we can help you create a new, seamless online experience to inform and entertain your patrons. Register

Monday, November 16, 2015

Brick & Click Library Conference

By Jodi Grebinoksi, Kathryn A. Martin Library (University of Duluth)

Did you See What I Did? Three Steps to Effective Marketing
Corie Dugas, Outreach & Public Services Librarians/Executive Director
Saint Louis University Law Library/Mid-American Law Library Consortium, St. Louis, MO

I attended the 15th Annual Brick & Click, an academic library conference, on November 6, 2015 hosted by Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. The first presentation I attended was "Did You See What I Did? Three Steps to Effective Marketing". Libraries do lots of marketing, but I realized during this presentation that many of us might not have a marketing plan. To start off the presentation Corie asked what marketing avenues would audience like to know more about and she then presented about Twitter, Instagram and Displays. The 3 steps were Strategize, Plan, and Create.

Strategize: Who do you market to? What are you trying to market? When could you begin/ reinvigorating your marketing efforts? Where do you want to market (avenues)? Why are you Marketing?

Plan: Continuing Themes? Resources? How will you track your plan?

Create: How will you improve your visuals? How will you improve your message?

Also she reminded us to know when to stop using market avenues that are not working for the library. Overall, this presentation gave practical advice for effective marketing in different avenues and for many levels of library marketing experience.

I attended 5 other sessions throughout the day and this was a great one day conference.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Webcast Recap

Preparing for the Holiday Rush

November 19
Session #1 at 11:00am EST & Session #2 at 7:00pm EST
The months of December and January are some of the busiest of the year as patrons and students get new devices for the winter holidays, eager to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the library. Want to know more about how you and your staff can get ready? Join us for this information-packed special holiday webcast, where OverDrive team members will share practical ways to plan for the digital rush at your library this year. Register

Brainfuse Webinars for ALS Member Libraries

November 18, 9:30am & December 4, 9:30am
Another round of Brainfuse webinars for ALS member libraries of all types! The two-hour, interactive webinar will focus on the databases available to ALS patrons and students—HelpNow and JobNow. To register for one of these online webinars, please click on the following link and mark the date of the session you wish to attend. You will receive a log-in link to the webinar the business day before the webinar.

How to Create an Adult Coloring Book Program, Club, or Event at Your Library

Fee $59.00 
November 22
They are doing it all over America, England and France. Bookstores customers are doing it. Library patrons are doing it in droves. Join the fun today! The “it” is Coloring, Adult Coloring is all the craze, a new phenomenon that provides fun, relaxation and some even say stress relief to its participants. How to locate quality Fine Art coloring sheets, themes that illustrate popular novels, beautiful Japanese art, and more. You will find out where to locate the best free resources, quality books and apps in this 4 week workshop. You will even learn how to create your own coloring sheets from photos and teach your participants. This 4 week workshop will show you how to create and find resources for creating your own Adult Coloring programs at your library. Register

Basic Records Management for Minnesota Public Libraries

November 18, 1:00pm
Charles Rodgers of the State Archives Department of the Minnesota Historical Society will present a brief webinar review of the state records laws, the definition of government records, basic records management issues, and the role of the State Archives. Special emphasis will be given to records created and maintained by public libraries, including retention and disposition guidance, and documents with historical value. No registrations is necessary, just join the WebEx meeting online or call 888-741-5095 using conference code 874 403 3672 meeting number 253 118 533

Attend Taxes 101 for Minnesota Libraries

November 19, 11:00am
Believe it or not, the 2016 tax season is right around the corner! To help libraries serve their communities during the tax season, State Library Services and Prepare + Prosper’s Claim it! Campaign invite you to Taxes 101 for Minnesota Libraries. The webinar will cover topics such as who needs to file taxes, basics about tax credits for individuals and families with low to moderate income, free tax preparation sites, FAQ, and community resources. Register today and then join the WebEx meeting online or call in at 888-742-5095 use conf. code 874 403 3672 meeting number 593 489 753

Trials and Tribulations: Handling Hard Topics For Youth

December 3, 1:00pm Central
Join Booklist for this free, hour-long webinar that will cover a range of literature on difficult subjects for kids and teens. Representatives from Lerner Publishing Group, Lorimer, and Second Story Press will share titles to encourage understanding of, and discussion about, hard-hitting and sensitive topics. Moderated by Maggie Reagan, Booklist Books for Youth associate editor. Register

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Weekly Webcast Recap

“Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?”: Programming Using eBook Biographies

November 19, 11:00am CST
Join us for a webinar on biography programming that will inspire students to be the best they can be! Using a monthly thematic approach, presenters will share three months of programming featuring e-book biographies, including innovative activities, standard-aligned lesson plans and resources that can be used right away or adapted to fit any biography or theme in your public, school, or classroom library. Register

Linked Data for Directors

November 12, 1:00pm EDT
What is linked data and what do you need to know as a director? How can you build on this new format to make an impact on your library today? Build your knowledge with Lined Data for Directors. Join SirsiDynix CEO Bill Davison to learn about Linked data and explore the big picture ideas you’ll consider as a decision maker. Register

Upcoming NISO Webinars—Click Here

Additional Learning Express Library Webinars for Fall 2015—Click Here

Beyond the Survey: a practical approach for interviews and focus groups

November 17, 2:00pm Central

Do you want a more in-depth understanding of the true needs of your community? Are you interested in learning easy ways to get valuable input and advice from your staff or public by conducting focus groups and interviews? Would you like to learn how to communicate the library story using meaningful examples to make your case and get results?

During this one-hour webinar, you will learn the four steps involved in focus groups and interviews. You'll discover how to clearly define the goal or purpose, how to select participants, and how to successfuly conduct the focus group or interviews. We'll also discuss how to analyze and synthesize the data to create valuable results that you can package and deliver in meaningful and useful ways. Register

Introduction to Proposal Writing

November 9, 1:00pm ET
Are you new to proposal writing or want a refresher? If so, you don't want to miss one of our most popular classes! This newly revised class will provide you with an overview of how to write a standard project proposal to a foundation. It will include: The basic elements of a proposal; The do's and don'ts of writing and submitting a proposal; How to follow up whether the answer is yes or no. Register

Please note: on proposal budgets, see our free class, Proposal Budgeting Basics.

OverDrive Preparing for the Holiday Rush

November 19, 11:00am EST
Did you read OverDrive's recent blog post about preparing for holiday rush? The months of December and January are some of the busiest of the year as patrons and students get new devices for the winter holidays, eager to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the library. Want to know more about how you and your staff can get ready? Join us for this information-packed special holiday webcast, where OverDrive team members will share practical ways to plan for the digital rush at your library this year. Register

Secrets of the Remix Mash-up YouTube Generation

November 17, 4:00pm Eastern
Know your memes, tropes, and teach it YouTube style! being culturally literate and hip to the Interwebs keeps up relevant and inspires instant student engagement. Teaching our kids about intellectual property shifts, content curation, and Creative Commons while still embracing the digital remix YouTube generation is part of a critical new toolbox for creative student (and teacher!) expression. Register

Monday, November 02, 2015

51 Free November Webinars for Library Staff

Click on the link below for 51 great free webinars being offered for library staff and non-profits in the month of November!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Spotlight on Books

By Dawn Heisel, Virginia Public Library

Lunch with Avi OR How to Get Kids Hooked on Reading

This is a very late report on my time spent at Spotlight on Books held this year (for the first time ever) in Walker, MN.  I am very thankful that ALS sends librarians to this conference for a lot of reasons.  Is my biggest reason is because it’s fun learning about new books in the lightning rounds?  Nope.  Is it because it is exciting to hear authors talk about how they took a small speckle of an idea and expanded it into print?  Nada.  Is it because there’s always good food?  No, but close.  My favorite reason to go is because at Spotlight I have the best luck in the world!  Authors always choose to sit at MY table.  I swear I’m not waiving hundreds of dollars in the air or installing big blinking SIT HERE signs, but it has happened at some point at every Spotlight that I’ve ever attended.  (Did I mention that I have Spotlight luck?)

This year was no different.  A friend and I were tactically avoiding the munching crowd by sitting in a different dining area.  Our theory was, they can always tell us to move, but until then, we were enjoying the view and our conversation.  So, there we were, happily talking travel and a wild-haired man comes and asks to sit with us.  Of course we were agog because it was no less than our STAR SPEAKER, AVI! 

So, while being extremely polite and mildly conversational, I stealthily began gathering data:  Avi lives on a mountain in Colorado, far up on the mountain, so far up that he has trouble getting cell phone signals and Internet connections, he has family in Boston, his deadline was drawing near, so they left the mountain to stay in Boston where he could answer his phone and use the Internet, unfortunately, it snowed in Boston, a lot, every day it snowed, a lot, it kept snowing, a lot, and then the power went out, he would have been better off staying on the mountain, but the power came back on, he met his deadline, wrote his book, and went back to his mountain.  That’s his story and I’m sticking to it.

I always spend my Spotlight author time gathering secret inside information to lure kids into books.  And, it works!  I slowly release little known details and reel them into reading. They love learning something their friends don’t know.  They love learning even the simplest facts.  And, it is great to pull out one of those facts at the oddest times.  I’ll be reading a picture book and say hey, look, here’s a picture of the author’s parents, or their child, or a friend, or whatever I remember at the time.  Or, if someone is waffling about reading a book and I’ve met the author, I’ll say “Hey, years ago I had lunch with…and mention an innocuous fact.  They pick the book every time!

So, now when children come to the library and ask for Poppy and Rye, I say “Hey, did you know that I had lunch with Avi last April?  Their eyes go big and they gulp “Really?” “Yep, and he lives on a mountain in Colorado”....

Weekly Webcast Recap

Go Back to School with Schoolhouse Rock!: Executive Documents 

November 17, 2:00pm

This webinar will focus on the executive branch and locating executive documents. Before the session, learners will watch Electoral College and Tax Man Max from Schoolhouse Rock!. Riegelman and Beck will elaborate on the content in the videos and use it to test your knowledge. By starting with these videos intended for an elementary audience, we will layer on more advanced content about the executive branch of the federal government. Meet us in this luminal space as we transition from novices to experts. Register

How to Respond to a Security Incident in Your Library

Fee $60.00 
December 9, 2:30pm Eastern
As important as it is to try to prevent library security incidents, it’s not always possible to avoid them, and the way you respond when they happen is crucial. This session will take the top 10 security, behavior, crime, or emergency-related incidents that occur in libraries and describe the issues, the concerns, and the responses surrounding them. Many of the scenarios will involve challenging or problem-inducing patrons, and others will discuss responses to events that staff might not always know how to deal with properly. Register

Making the transition from MARC to Linked Data easier 

November 5, 11:00am EST
From OCLC’s experiences in datamining WorldCat to identify entities that can be exposed to the semantic Web, we’ve learned that there’s a lot of data that can be parsed easily and made into “statements” - and sadly, a lot that cannot be without a lot more effort. In this webinar, Jean Godby and Karen Smith-Yoshimura of OCLC Research offer examples from their multilingual bibliographic structure and performers extraction adventures of what metadata specialists can do now to make it easier to transform text strings in MARC data into the entity-”things” we later expose as linked data that others can consume.

More Minitex webinars for November—Click Here.

Citizenship Library Corners

November 6, 2:00pm CST
Across the country, cities are partnering with SCIS to launch “Citizenship Corners” at local libraries. Featuring accessible information about the naturalization process, including citizenship, test preparation materials, ESL and civics materials, and information about available community resources, these corners play a vital role in raising awareness about the path to citizenship and supporting applicants through the naturalization process. Register

Archived Test Prep: Tests are Changing: How to Keep Your Collections Up to Date

Standardized tests present a variety of challenges for students and educators, but changes to the test themselves can prove challenging to libraries, too. From recent updates and new alternatives to the GED, to upcoming revisions to the PSAT and SAT, ensuring your test-prep collections are up-to-date will be critical to your patrons’ success. View the webinar.

Using DPLA for Teaching and Learning

November 3, 6:00pm CST
In this workshop, DPLA staff and members of the DPLA’s Education Advisory Committee will discuss the value of DPLA as a tool for teaching and learning tool and describe current DPLA education projects. Register

Facebook in the Library: Enhancing Services and Engaging Users Workshop

Fee $55.00
December 2, 2:30pm Eastern
Around 154 million Americans—51% of the population—are now using Facebook, according to a recent study by Edison Research. How effectively are you using this direct, free means of communication to reach out to your library’s patrons and users? Digital branch and social networking innovator David Lee King will share what he’s learned from years of experience and experiments with the Topeka and Shawnee County’s Facebook page. He will answer your questions and share time-saving tips on getting the most out of using Facebook. Register

Creating Connections in Digital Spaces: Teaching information literacy skills to online students

November 23, 2:30pm Central Time
How can you connect in a meaningful way with online students? How can you apply the new information literacy framework inside of Learning Management Systems? Presenters from Metropolitan State University will share the ways that they’ve built information literacy concepts into online learning spaces for credit-bearing courses as well as within modular tutorials and activities that can be used as “virtual one-shot sessions.” Register

Booklist Webinar: New Youth Fiction for Fall and Beyond

November 17, 1:00pm Central Time
Join Booklist for an hour-long, free webinar where representatives from Annick Press, Holiday House, and Quarto Children’s Publishing will introduce nonfiction titles perfect for preschool through young adult readers. Moderated by Booklist Books for Youth contributing editor Ilene Cooper. Register

Finding and Training Volunteer Technology Instructors

November 4, 3:00pm EST
Small libraries are often challenged to find the staff, skills, or time needed to meet growing community needs and demands for digital literacy training. Volunteers can help you meet these needs! Learn strategies from two successful statewide projects eager to share tools and curricula to help get volunteers ready for technology training in your small or rural library. California’s Get Involved: Powered by Your Library provides libraries with tools to recruit, train and retain skilled volunteers. And Guiding Ohio Online has created curricula for volunteers to deliver digital literacy training through computer classes and one-on-one computer assistance in libraries of all sizes. Project staff will share their expertise and experience to help you build the program that is right for your community. Register

Creating a Culture of Yes at Your Library and In Your Community

November 18, 1:00pm EST
The immortal Kurt Vonnegut said, "The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries." In this webinar, you can discover at least three ways to shift your library from good enough to unexpectedly amazing, and to take your community's image of the public library to new heights. Locate your library's first impressions, displays, customer service, policies and more on the "Yes-O-Meter" and understand how to move from "No" or "Yes, but..." to a powerful culture of "Yes, and!" The insights you gain for shifting your library culture will invigorate the relationships between your staff and with your community. Register

Data Visualization for the Rest of Us: A Beginner's Guide

December 15, 3:00pm EST
You don’t have to be a graphic designer to present your library statistics in a way that effectively communicates value. Learn quick and easy tips for visually displaying statistics that will enable you to tell a powerful story about your library, whether your data visualization aspirations consist of adding a few Excel charts to a board report or designing a complex infographic for your website. Register

Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekly Webcast Recap

Brainfuse Webinars for ALS Member Libraries

November 18 & December 4, 9:30-11:30am
The two-hour, interactive webinar will focus on the databases available to ALS patrons and students—HelpNow and JobNow. To register for one of these online webinars, please click on the following link and mark the date of the session you wish to attend. You will receive a log-in link to the webinar the business day before the webinar you have signed up for.

Customer Service is Dead: Long Live the Customer Experience Workshop

Arrowhead Library System Headquarters
November 3, 10:00-Noon
Presented by Dr. Anthony Molaro, Assistant Professor at St. Catherine University in St. Paul to all ALS member public, school, academic, and special library staff. The customer experience is the next evolution of customer service. In this session, attendees will explore the customer service hierarchy, what that means for libraries, and how to create memorable and meaningful customer experiences. Please register by November 2.

Maker Movement Workshop

Arrowhead Library System Headquarters
November 3, 1:30-3:30pm
Presented by Dr. Anthony Molaro, Assistant Professor at St. Catherine University, St. Paul to ALS member public, school, academic, and special library staff. Learn more about the maker movement and how it’s happening in libraries! Please register by November 2.

Improve the Health of Your Community through Your Library

November 3, 10:00am
Featuring libraries that take innovative approaches to helping people be healthier. In 2012, the Foundation initiated Public Libraries for Health, awarding grants to libraries across Minnesota to develop projects to help propel reach their full health potential. The webinar will feature grant recipients Thorson Memorial Library in Elbow Lake (job readiness) and Hennepin County Library (programs to serve homeless patrons), giving practical suggestions for developing and maintaining successful program. If you want to implement a program to address the unique needs to your community, the webinar will introduce the Public Libraries for Health toolkit a website to take you step-by-step through the process. Please register and on the day of the webinar, join the WebEx meeting online or call 888-742-5095 using conference code 492 064 9083 meeting number 595 612 857. Email Emily Kissane for more information

Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Throw (Recycle) ‘Em

November 18, 1:00pm
Records are vitally important to the operation of any organization; they serve as the organization’s memory and are evidence of past events and the basis for future actions. Join the Government Records Specialist for State Archives at the Minnesota Historical Society for the webinar, Records Retention for Public Libraries. You’ll learn to identify records, assess their value and determine how long to keep them. No registration is necessary, just join the WebEx meeting online or call 888-742-5095 using conference code 874 403 3672 meeting number 253 118 533. Please contact Jen Verbrugge with questions.

Make Tax Season Easier: Taxes 101 for Minnesota Libraries

November 19, 11:00am
Believe it or not, the 2016 tax season is right around the corner! To help libraries serve their communities during the tax season, State Library Services and Prepare+Prosper’s Claim it! Campaign invite you to Taxes 101 for Minnesota Libraries. The webinar will cover topics such as who needs to file taxes, basics about tax credits for individuals and families with low to moderate income, free tax preparation  sites, frequently asked  questions, and community resources. Our goal is to give libraries the resources they need to make tax time a little less overwhelming. Register and then join the WebEx meeting online or call in at 888-742-5095 using conference code 874-403-3672 meeting number 593-489-753. Please contact Emily Kissane with questions.

Webinar Series: Public Library Services to Patrons Experiencing Homelessness and Housing Insecurity
Since 2012, Hennepin County Library has been working to create equity for patrons experiencing homelessness. In these webinars we will share what we have learned about this population, and about programming, partnering, and professional development. Registration for session 1 isn’t required to register for session 2. 
Webinar 1: Population and Partnering
December 4, 11:00am CT
What does homelessness look like in Minnesota? How can we connect patrons with community resources? This session starts with information to dispel stereotypes about our patrons experiencing homelessness. We continue by exploring the types of community resources that are available, then conclude with recommendations for establishing and sustaining community partnerships. Register for Webinar 1. 
Webinar 2: Programming and Professional Development
December 11, 11:00am CT
You’re learning how to connect your patrons to community resources and partners. Great—but what’s next? This session shares how the HCL Workgroup on Services to Patrons Experiencing Homelessness and Housing Insecurity has created support throughout our large system. We will give examples of the professional development opportunities we created for staff as well as how we are encouraging innovative public programming to raise community awareness and engagement around issues of homelessness. Register for Webinar 2.

Linked Data 201: How it Works

October 28, 1:00pm EDT
Learn more about the details of Linked Data with Linked Data 201: How It Works. Whether you’re continuing your linked data education following “Linked Data 101,” or jumping in for the first time, please join us for this free 30-minute webinar to learn more about the tech side of linked data and to work toward earning your Linked Data Certificate.
In Linked Data 201, attendees will get a more technical perspective on how linked data works. This webinar will cover:

  • How search engines read things vs. strings
  • Why Google can't read MARC
  • Why there is strength in numbers for linked data librarians.
Linked Data 201 is the second of five webinars in the Linked Data Crash Course. Attend all five classes, and you’ll receive a certificate to recognize your knowledge. Future classes will explore the details on BIBFRAME, ideas for application, and more. Register

Bring 'em Back: Re-engaging Your Library Users

November 4, 2:00pm ET
Where have all the patrons gone? Are you seeing a decline in the number of once-regular visitors stopping in to browse for a book or place a book on hold in your catalog? How can you bring them back?
You’ll hear from two different libraries about how they did just that. The Charlotte-Mecklenberg Library brought 13,000 inactive patrons back to the library in the last year through a large scale marketing endeavor. The Jacksonville Public Library (FL) used an email campaign to re-engage library patrons. Join NoveList and our panel of library marketing professionals as they discuss what their libraries did to bring their patrons back, and talk about new ideas and inspiration you can implement at your library. If you're on Twitter, don't forget to use the hashtag for this event: #back2thelibrary Register

Mind the Gap: Find and Fix the Mismatches Between Faculty and Academic Librarians

November 3, 2:00pm EST
Meredith Schwartz, Executive Editor of Library Journal, and Jennifer Albers-Smith, Marketing Director, Academic and Special Libraries of Gale Cengage Learning, will co-present key findings from their recent joint study, Bridging the Librarian-Faculty Gap in the Academic Library. Schwartz and Albers-Smith have convened a panel that includes an academic librarian who works on innovative faculty support projects and a faculty member. Together they will discuss ways to act on the survey’s takeaways and improve connection, communication, and collaboration between faculty and librarians. Register

Best Practices for Large Print: Ideas, Resources, and Reads

November 10, 1:00pm
Join Booklist and Thorndike Press for this free, hour-long webinar on building successful large print collections. Speakers will include Nancy Pearl, Nora Rawlinson (EarlyWord), Tamara Kraus (Hickory County Public Library, NC), and Lisa Joyce (Portland Library, ME). Don’t miss this valuable program, featuring advice on all things large print: collection-development trends, reading group tips, and best practices for outreach to readers, as well as large print fresh picks from Thorndike Press. Moderated by Rebecca Vnuk, Booklist editor for reference and collection management. Register

Register Now for an Online Training Session (EBSCO)

Online courses provide valuable training and demonstrations for both users and administrators of EBSCO's products and interfaces. Dozens of new sessions are offered each month. Click on the "Read more" link to visit our WebEx Training Center. You can search for sessions by topic or presenter. Read more

Crime Fiction: Cult Classics and Hot New Titles

October 27, 1:00pm CDT
In this unique spin on our ever-popular fall mystery webinar, David Wright, Reader Services Librarian at Seattle Public Library, will kick off the program by sharing some of his favorite crime-fiction cult classics, all recently reprinted or still in print. Then stay tuned as representatives from Amazon Publishing, Oceanview Press, Severn House, and Soho Crime preview the hottest mysteries from their forthcoming lists. Register now! Moderated by Keir Graff, editor of Booklist Online. Register

MLA Conference 2015

By Crystal Phillips, Cook Public Library

An Ounce of Prevention
Presented by: Shari Carlson, Hokah Public Library
Hokah, Minnesota is a small town of about 550 people.  The library is open 25 hours per week and is staffed by librarian, Shari Carlson, and library assistant, Barb Bissen.  This presentation by Carlson, highlighted the importance of safety in library, especially in small libraries where there are few staff.  Carlson worked many years as a behavioral health consultant and was able to offer practical tips on preparing for behavior issues in the library.  She said that while troubling behavior happens in libraries it is often not documented.  Librarians need to be trained how to deal with disruptive behavior.  Librarians should understand the stressors that affect individuals, which can stem from money, work, economy, family, relationship and health issues.  Carlson said librarians should recognize that that gut instinct is meaningful and acts as a protective device.  Some potential warning signs include changes in body language, facial expressions, challenging or defensive behavior and changes in appearance.  Librarians should have a practiced procedure to deal with these situations.  Carlson offered the following intervention tips, offer assistance, be supportive, answer questions, redirect or change the subject, allowing venting, remove the audience and use a team approach, if possible.  If the situation goes wrong, position yourself in a safe, sideways manner instead of directly in front of the person, assume the person will comply, start nice and then get authoritative if needed, give them an out, don’t take things personally, and most importantly, if your gut says the situation is dangerous call 911.  She said “nice goes a long way and sometimes it’s the only nice that person gets.” 
Carlson offered the following tips to encourage a positive library culture.
1. Promote a Relaxed and Positive Environment
This starts with taking care of yourself.  Make sure you eat and sleep well.  Be a professional and watch out for signs of compassion fatigue.
2. Promote Mindfulness
Be present in every moment.  Provide mindfulness tools such as Zen gardens and tables, Buddha boards, fish tanks, sand pictures and coloring pages.
3.  The Power of Color
Choose colors that help library users feel comfortable and calm.
4.  Outdoor Inspiration
Bring the outdoors into the library with plants, water features and gardens.
5.  Engagement
Provide card games, puzzles, chess, marbles, cribbage, etc. to promote making connections between library users.
6. Acknowledge and Value Diversity
Respect all genres of literature and types of information.  Welcome all types of hobbies and arts into the library including music, gardening, crafts, etc.
Her final advice:  Take a vacation.